Mechanical Foam (afff) Fire Extinguishers

Mechanical Foam (afff) Fire Extinguishers

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With an aim to be a market leader in our domain, we are becoming the trusted manufacturer and supplier of Mechanical Foam (afff) Fire Extinguishers. These extinguishers are ideal for class A and class B fires i.e., fires which have burning solids such as paper, wood, and plastics and burning liquids such as petrol, oil, and fats as their fuel source. Mechanical Foam (afff) Fire Extinguishers operate by removing the safety clip and striking the knob and directing the discharge on fire.


  • Body coated with an alloy of lead& tin
  • Comes with wall mounting brackets
  • Anti-corrosive

Stored Pressure Mechanical Foam Type Fire Extinguisher of capacity 6 Litre & 9 Litre , Bearing ISI Mark complete with brass forged squeeze grip type valve fitted with pressure guage, Pressurised with dry nitrogen Gas filled, with discharge nozzle with wall mounting bracket