Mining Vehicles Fire Suppression System

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      Dry powder fire systems The extinguishing powders used in powder extinguishing systems are highly efficient, quick-acting extinguishants. The sudden extinguishing effect of the powder cloud is caused by the suffocation effect and the anticatalytic effect, a chemical intervention into the combustion process. Extinguishing powders mainly consist of non-poisonous inorganic salts mixed with waterproofing and pouring agents. They are used for fires with solid, liquid or gaseous substances and for metal fires, thus, they are used for fire classification A, B, C and D. Large powder extinguishing systems If several rooms and objects are to be protected with powder extinguishing systems, a central powder storage in compression-proof steel vessels, which is sufficient for all protection areas, should be provided. Small powder extinguishing systems Small powder extinguishing systems are recommended for objects with a limited scope of protection. To a great extent the design and dimensioning of such powder extinguishing systems is standardized for several similar objects and thus, costs are minimized. They are preferably used in extractor hoods, exhaust air ducts, laboratories and experimenting institutes etc. Range of application: e.g. chemical works, petrol dumps, compressor and pump stations, utilities substations for oil and gas, gas burner stations at boiler plants, oil cellars, rolling mills, test stands, hydraulic systems, aircraft hangars, LNG, LPG and chemical tankers, laboratory rooms and equipment, hazardous waste systems Dry chemical fire systems Dry Chemical Powder Fire Exinguishing System When introduced directly to a fire, dry chemical powder extinguishes flames almost immediately. Dry chemical powder is intended for use in extinguishing fires involving bulk chemical agents and liquefied gases. The FET Dry Chemical System, provides 24-hour fire protection for a wide variety of industrial processes, equipment, machinery and paint spray booth applications. The system has the choice of two dry chemical agents effective on Class A, B and C fires. Total flooding or local application design options. The system includes detectors, a control unit, agent storage cylinders, piping and discharge nozzles. Benefits Easy to design Safe and reliable fire protection Flexible installation parameters Our dry systems are developed to meet the increasing demand for large capacity systems for the protection of ships carrying LNG/LPG and certain chemicals or agents in bulk. The FET Dry Chemical System is your best choice for protection of any industrial process or machinery where hazardous liquids or hazardous materials are involved. The FET System is available in two basic configurations: as a local application system or a total flood system. A local application system is designed to protect a specific piece of equipment, a total flood system is recommended for protection of enclosed rooms or spaces. In addition to the configurations, the FET System also offers options for detection and control to create a system that will be ideal for your application. Your FET Distributor can help you design the right system, and the right approach, for your application.
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